About Us

We are Inner Garden

We are Eli and Natalia, and together we are Inner Garden. We are two vegan food enthusiasts with a background in catering & hospitality and we noticed that there are almost no real Vegan options on the Northside of Dublin City!! That's why we decided to do everything we can to set up a veggie café & community space in Stoneybatter, Dublin. 

We believe that community, compassion, and everyday choices can change the world for the better, and we want to be part of that effort. We believe in the benefits of a vegan wholesome lifestyle, and agree to use the Inner Garden as a place that promotes it one delicious dish at a time. The Inner Garden  will be a place which champions fairness, creativity, diversity & generosity. On the practical level we will endeavor to trade & consume responsibly and work with local suppliers to ensure we use as much local, seasonal and organic produce as possible.